New Project Announced: “Atlas”

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Dear friends,

I am so thrilled to announce my brand-new project…


Atlas is an ongoing series of EPs inspired by the origins, emergence and experiences of life.

Unlike my previous EP series, “Yearbook,” Atlas has no end date in mind- it’s an ongoing project that I have thematically mapped out over the next few years. (Read a more detailed description of the concept here!) Each year will feature a determined amount of songs/EPs. This first Atlas year, 2013, will feature 28+ brand-new songs, spanning over 6 EPs!


The first EP (5 songs) is called “Darkness” and is available now! Click the following retailer links to buy now: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google play and just about anywhere else digital music is sold!

The second EP, “Light” is also available now as well! The remaining EPs will release periodically throughout 2013.


Listeners have a choice to either purchase the Atlas Digital EPs individually as they release or to subscribe to the first year of the project. These subscriptions are lovingly called “Passports.” There are two Passport options available for Pre-Order now (featuring special Passport-Only perks!!):

PASSPORT is a One-Year Digital Subscription that includes:

•  28+ songs on 6 Digital EPs (released periodically throughout 2013)
•  28+ exclusive paintings by Geoff Benzing (one for each song!) in the form of 6 Digital Booklets w/lyrics and liner notes. (Passport Exclusive!!)
•  Early Downloads of each EP! (approx. 1-2 weeks before anyone else!)
•  Friendly email reminder each time an EP is ready for Download

For folks that love physical, holdable things:

PASSPORT+ PLUS is a One-Year Physical (CD) and Digital Subscription that includes:

•  Digital “Passport” Subscription (includes ALL perks above!)
•  28+ songs on 6 CD EPs (each CD shipped to you shortly after each EP’s respective Digital release!)
•  High-quality packaging for each EP, plus a Deluxe Box to house all 6 EPs/Art (Box ships w/ first EP!)
•  28+ high-quality Art Cards feat. Geoff Benzing’s exclusive paintings to add to Deluxe Box (lyrics printed on back of each Art Card!)
•  “Passport+” Holder Special Perks (exclusive discounts, content and lots more!)

Holiday Shopping?? Atlas Passports make for a unique gift that will keep giving all year long!

… Click on the images above, or CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!


To celebrate the unveiling of Atlas, we have a brand-new T-Shirt in-stock/shipping now! Check it out here!

Thank you so much for reading, guys! I’m so excited about this project and can’t wait to share all of these new songs with you!!!

Much Love, Ryan – Sleeping At Last

PS. HUGE thanks to my friends at Rule29 and Wonderkind Studios for their incredible work on the announcement video above!

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  • Kayley

    This is such exciting news! When I first heard Sleeping At Last I was immediately captivated. The beautiful, complex lyrics and that angelic voice was unlike anything I’d ever been exposed to. Thank you so much for impacting people’s lives with your magical songs.

  • Rebekah

    How big are the art cards?

    • sleeping at last

      the art cards are approx. 4×4″ squares… to fit into the CD box. if you’ve seen the “yearbook” box set, they will be very similar to those art cards. thank you for asking!

  • Ariel Cerbus

    Ryan this is truly such an inspiration. I’m beyond words right now. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude towards you. After reading through what Atlas is about it has inspired me to take a spontaneous adventure when each of the new EP’s come out, to go out and explore the world for all it is. And I’m going to base the trip on the theme of the EP. You inspire me so much Ryan, you have no idea. Just reading through this gives me the thought that these songs are going to be about living life and seeing the world the way God does. I have a strong feeling that these songs are really going to open my eyes a lot and inspire me to do extraordinary things. Your music is already a huge motivator for me and the fact that this project has a travel, outdoor, adventure type theme, It couldn’t be anymore perfect. It has already got me thinking about lots of resolutions for 2013, things I never thought I could do. It’s bringing out the adventure in me and I’m excited for the inspiration that’s to come when these wonderful EP’s start coming out. Most of my resolutions for 2013 I will owe to you Ryan. Your music is far beyond anything I would of ever dreamed of hearing in this world. God bless you Ryan, you’ll always be my favorite singer. I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas!

  • Emily Collinsworth

    I am so excited about this! Sleeping At Last is real music that is wonderful. Your lyrics feel like actual poetry to match the music and not just words to go along with notes and rhythms. Congratulations on being awesome! Yay for Atlas!

    • Ariel Cerbus

      Some of the many reasons why I love his music. Great choice of words… “real music that is wonderful”.. because I believe there is more good than bad in the world. Sometimes its hard to find but it never left, its always been there and always will be we just need to determine that we will not let the negativity stand in our way of seeing the beauty. I believe that is what Ryan’s music is doing, it brings out the beauty in us and we can pass that along in the world so that we continue to spread the contagious hope to never give up or give in but to have infinite faith in God, to be calm and stand in awe of what makes life so beautiful.

  • Nathan Powell

    Oh my god ryan! this really just made my day 😀 thank you so much for the music it is really, REALLY amazing and i am beyond exited.

  • Sarah Winkler

    What an awesome concept & great news for the day. Can’t wait! And as always, beautiful artwork!

  • Samuel Peter Torrance

    Here was me excited about the thought of another 12-song album – Can’t tell you how much more than pleasantly surprised I was by the unveiling of “Atlas”. What a completely captivating and inspiring concept! And what’s more, Overture was a phenomenal start to this great journey. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. Thank you so much.

    • Ariel Cerbus

      I was thinking the exact same thing, I couldn’t of said it better. All I could do when I first read this was just smile so big in surprise. Words cannot express how my heart is feeling towards this project. It is just such a warm delight. I’m such awe it just makes me even more happy and thankful in life because Ryan’s music means the world to me and has touched me so much. Its my absolute perfect musical soul mate. I really am so speechless about this.Ryan is like literally inside my mind and bringing my musical soul to life.

  • Daniel Costa

    Is the passport+ subscription going to be available later as well? Could I buy it in the middle of next year or so?

    • sleeping at last

      yes, it will be available all throughout the project and after the project ends, it will be sold as the accumulated box set.

  • Jonathan Hers

    Hey! super excited about Atlas, Im just wondering if the passport option will be available for iTunes as well?

    • ryan – sleeping at last

      hey Jonathan, thanks for the question! passports are exclusively sold through iTunes will release each EP individually, but not as a passport. thanks for asking!

  • mike

    hey ryan,

    do you plan to release anything else on vinyl? the yearbook project perhaps?

  • Markus Alexander Angberg

    I know many speak of a divine entity and so on, but for me.. I’m not religious, I seek no warmth through the love of a god. I do, however, find the love and the warmth of life itself through Ryan’s music and through his words as they fit us non-believers too. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Ryan’s music through these tough years. One of the greatest musicians I’ve ever known. I buy as much as I can to support one of the most beautiful musicians on the face of the earth. Ryan’s words touch me as much as they seem to touch those with religion. That says everything about his music and how absolutely great it is. I’ve written to Ryan a couple of times, to thank him. He always responded. There will never be enough words to describe how much everything with Sleeping At Last means to me. This project obviously makes me extremely happy, and so close to christmas. The name of the project is perfect, too. Atlas. Merry christmas to everyone, and thank you Ryan. Thank you for everything. There’s nobody like you.

  • Mike Foster

    this is going to be soooooo awesome! cant wait!

  • Regina Coelho

    Sleeping At Last <3

  • Polar Boy

    Will the download files be available in CD quality (ie Apple lossless or FLAC) or only MP3?

  • Andrew

    Has the Passport subscribers already received an e-mail to download the ep? I subscribed back in December, was able to download overture, but haven’t received anything yet. Maybe it hasn’t released yet, but I thought i read a tweet that said it should have gone out during the weekend

  • Stone

    Hi Ryan, your music is incredible. Always amazed to hear where you take the songs.

    …maybe a silly question, but do you receive more support through this than say iTunes or elsewhere?

  • Chizzle McOlitz

    Ryan, I love your music soo soo much.

    God and all the angels know that this Atlas project and everything that came before it is the best thing that ever happened to music. I mean, the words of each and every song was so, SO beautifully crafted to fit the feel of the melody behind it. Speaking as an avid music fan, never in my entire life have I sat down to listen to the lyrics of an entire song before. Usually I just pick out a phrase or two that are deep and emotional enough to use for my whatsapp status then wriggle my head to the rhythm then move on.

    But with every single Sleeping at Last song, I’m baffled and so terribly indecisive as to what phrase to pick out. Every word, every line, every syllable is so meaningful that I can see the picture Ryan is trying to paint in my head just a few bars into the song whether its the meticulousness with which God created us or all the possibilities of a new year. And the melody. Oh Lord, it’s as if each note was made for nothing else but the words that floated so gracefully out of his mouth.

    I could tell from the very first song that I would like this band/guy but I never knew I would fall in love so deep with his music. I am so astounded by you, Ryan:) You better keep it up

  • Joshua David Huizing

    has the physical Light EP shipped yet? i haven’t received mine